Upcoming Schedule


Upcoming Events


North Port Yoga
– Regular beginner and all level classes

Past Events & Classes

  • Weekly class at Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA (private group)
  • Weekly class at Venice Family Clinic, Irma Colen in Culver City, CA (community class)
  • Telemundo, Spring 2016 highlighting Yoga & Meditation class at Century Regional Detention Facility filmed for Telemundo, air date Spring 2016

Donation Class for the Prison Yoga Project (public event)
To be held at Loyola Marymount University
10:30am-12pm on Sunday, November 15th
Contact: info@ayearinyoga.com for details!

“Intuitive Flow: Cultivating Social Consciousness” 
(LMU Yoga Day, Sept. 2015)

90 minutes or 2 hours workshop focused on exploring what it means to cultivate social consciousness through our practice and achieve harmonious balance in our everyday lives, including an overview of the neurology of meditation. Asana class includes a short meditation, hatha & vinyasa-inspired asana with anatomical and subtle body cues, and a guided “open flow.” Beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners are all invited to deepen their connection to their practice together; particularly encouraged for those interested in beginning or advancing their own home practice.


Feel free to contact me at amy@ayearinyoga.com to schedule a group or private class. Set pricing with sliding scale available based on need.





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