It’s Your Journey: Finding Your Flow

T. K. V. Desikachar’s famous book,  “The Heart of Yoga” is popularly assigned reading during 200 hour teacher trainings. In it, one particular excerpt speaks to his student-oriented approach, perhaps in noteworthy contrast to popular contemporary practices. It  reads:  
“I must create an atmosphere in my classes in which each student can find his or her own way to yoga. I have to realize that each of my students is not the same person today as they were yesterday, and not at all the same as when they came last week, perhaps with similar question. This is the most important message my father passed on, and it is essentially the opposite of what is current being taught in most places.”
Yoga is less about the practice than it is about the individual person. In a brilliant way, yoga is every person’s artistry of her/his self-expression and full potential, and it knows no bounds. Prisoners can be graceful butterflies in supta baddha konasana and internationally recognized professors can be “cats and cows,” right along side you.

Yoga is magic in its own playful way, yet also intensely challenging.  Ultimately, among many things yoga brings one’s awareness to their tendencies or altogether lacking of self-regulation. Once a practitioner masters their own mind and behaviors, yoga and meditation allow an individual to develop their intuition, and realize their potential with greater compassion, empathy and altruism.

This is the method and approach that ‘A Year in Yoga’ brings to its students and clients. Whether in a classroom setting, or one on one with corporate clients, community clinics, hospitals or detention facilities, A Year in Yoga aims to help each practitioner identify the many complex factors and qualities at play in one’s own thought patterns to reveal naturally healthier, happier ways of being – by and for oneself. Returning to age-old philosophy and techniques aimed at utilizing the practice of yoga to observe one’s own mind and body, practitioners are able to recognize self-assertive tendencies which may be troublesome or a hindrance to reaching one’s goals, and ultimately support one’s overall health and well-being – from the inside, out.


To explore opportunities for hosting a workshop or class near you, or to schedule a one-on-one session please contact me at:


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