Workshops & Programs

Interested in scheduling a workshop or training for your staff, students, or teacher training? Curious about starting your own yoga, meditation or trauma-informed mindfulness classes but don’t know where to start?

Contact me at with any questions or to schedule an assessment to explore your needs and potential class offerings. Length, structure and class size are determined based on individual or organizational client needs. (Also available via webinar or phone conference for out-of-state locations.)

Classes or Workshops Include:

  • Stress Reduction in the Workplace
  • Trauma-Informed Mindfulness: Yoga for Healing
  • Movement, Mind & Matter: Exploring Self-Regulation
  • Yoga Studies: History, Science & Contemporary Application
    • Can include an introduction to Sanskrit language
  • Finding Your Flow: Cultivating Your Own Personal Practice

Currently offering accredited trauma-informed mindfulness, yoga and meditation instruction for large groups (20+), small groups (5-20) and one-on-one clients.

Consulting services also available for restorative or social justice facilities (i.e. prisons, homeless shelters, veterans programs), businesses and non-profits seeking to begin their own trauma-informed or meditation program on-site.

Instructor placement also available for various locations.

  • Current/Previous Clients include:
    • Venice Family Clinic, Culver City, CA
    • Century Regional Detention Facility, Lynwood, CA
      • Education-Based Incarceration modules (2)
      • Gender Responsive Rehabilitation module, judicially-accredited curriculum for trauma relief and release
    • Modified Community Correctional Facility, Shafter, CA
    • Headspace USA, Santa Monica, CA
    • Telemundo, Los Angeles, CA
    • North Port Yoga, North Port, FL
    • Loyola Marymount University, Westchester, CA
    • Cuningham Group, Minneapolis, MN & Culver City, CA


Amy Osborne

Amy Osborne is a 2016 graduate of Loyola Marymount University’s (LMU) Master of Arts in Yoga Studies program. Prior to attending graduate school, Amy worked for five years in public relations and government affairs in Boston & Los Angeles. Amy completed her 200-RYT teacher training at Liberation Yoga in Mid-City, Los Angeles in 2014 and has been a regular Bikram yoga and home practitioner since 2010. In addition to attaining her M.A. which encompasses a 500-RYT training, Amy has completed LMU’s 100-hour certificate in Yoga, Mindfulness and Social Change, the Prison Yoga Project’s 14-hour training with James Fox, Uprising Yoga’s trauma-informed teacher training with Jill Ippolito, Accessible Bodies training with Dianne Bondy, and Off the Mat Into the World’s Advanced Leadership training with Hala Khouri, M.A., Suzanne Sterling, and Seane Corne.  She has developed ongoing programs and volunteer taught regular asana and meditation classes at Century Regional Detention Facility, a women’s prison in Lynwood, CA, and at the Irma Colen Center of Venice Family Clinic, among other locations.
Amy’s thesis entitled, “A Year in Yoga: A Journey in Trauma-Informed Mindfulness” will be released and available in the near future (Fall 2016).

Trauma Informed Mindfulness – The Science and Practice of Being 

“Trauma” is everywhere. It’s the way we interact with the world, signaled by our nervous system and its innate reaction to ensure our survival. Understanding this, and how our bodies register and retain trauma physically and psychologically, holds the key to understanding who we are, why we are, and how we can be our happiest and best selves. Through a practiced approach to self-reflection – embedded within the very definition and purpose of yoga – we can all move through the world more purposefully, calmly and confidently, and achieve more in our lives than we ever thought possible.

This workshop promotes the customization of a group or individual’s yoga practice to suit their own unique path and lifestyle, drawing from various tools and practices within the scope of classical and traditional yoga. We will explore popular “trauma-informed” yoga techniques, their anatomical significance, and ways to adapt your own daily practice to reveal your fullest self.