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The traditional practice of Yoga can’t be limited to the mat.

In Yoga Coaching + Consulting aims to bring the benefits of yoga to individuals by designing a custom practice to help attain specific health goals. Encompassing equal emphasis on mental and physical health, In Yoga is a holistic approach to attaining wellness once and for all.

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In addition to your personal health goals,
In Yoga Private Sessions or Coaching aims to address:

  • High Stress + Adrenal Fatigue
  • Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia / Sleeplessness
  • Anxiety + Depression
  • Substance Abuse / Addiction
  • Disordered Eating or Food Anxiety
  • IBS or other GI concerns
  • Injury or Surgery Recovery
  • PTSD / ADHD / Mental Wellness (general)

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Why “In Yoga”?

“In yoga” implies a continued effort over time.

Like all things, positive changes to our health take time to integrate into our routine. Originating with the concept “A Year in Yoga,” founder Amy Osborne, M.A. in Yoga Studies, believes yoga lives in all aspects of life if we choose to see it. Her own past health concerns (largely due to stress), as well as five years of immersion in yoga study and teaching, has prepared Amy to share individualized yoga to bring wellness to others.

In Yoga Coaching + Consulting aims to apply traditional yoga practices to your daily routine in to best serve individuals’ needs and reach clients’ expressed goals.

The benefits of yoga are understood and researched now more than ever. Experience how yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques support overall health for yourself.

  • Private Sessions / Coaching
  • Group Classes, Workshops
  • Teacher Training (200, 300/500 RYS)
  • Corporate Wellness

*Coaching results vary depending on individual commitment and practice.

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“I’ve been practicing yoga for over 20 years on and off. I got into Yoga mainly to compliment my surfing, but after years battling with anxiety, insomnia, and bi-polar disorder I decided to look further into yoga and meditation to help me.  I sat down with Amy for a one hour session for a few weeks and discussed my issues and what I was looking for out of yoga.  She assisted me in setting up an at home sadhana practice made to address my issues.

The daily Yoga practice Amy outlined along with a daily meditation practice has been indispensable in dealing with my anxiety. After months of practice  I have found it easier to decrease my level of anxiety and my sleep has gotten much better.

Amy is a wellspring of information on Yoga and the many tools available within Yoga.”

– Yogi O., North Port, FL