I’d love to hear from you! Your thoughts, inquiries and insights are what make the world go ’round. I’m always open to inspiration and hope to share bits of knowledge from my journey that are exciting and relevant to you.

Please let me know – and be heard!

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Interested in developing your own home practice, but not sure where to start – or how to make the leap?

Schedule time with me (just once or weekly) to create a customized personal practice to suit your body, your needs and your schedule. In-person 1-hour sessions are preferable (for those living in Los Angeles), but Skype/Facetime sessions are also available.

Holistic approach includes creation of a sustainable daily physical practice (asana), as well as a guided self-evaluation of mental, physical and emotional patterns (i.e. dietary sensitivities, stress levels, muscle tension) to focus mindfulness practices. Contact me for rates (sliding scale) or for more information. ❤

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